Oreiller ViscoGel | Pillows
Oreiller ViscoGel
Athena Aloe Vera | Pillows
Athena Aloe Vera
 Athena Bamboo  | Pillows
Athena Bamboo
Athena Cachemire | Pillows
Athena Cachemire
Hypnos Velours Coton | Pillows
Hypnos Velours Coton
Hypnos Bamboo | Pillows
Hypnos Bamboo
 Senso  | Pillows
Blue Cool Gel | Pillows
Blue Cool Gel
Ange | Pillows
Nuage  | Pillows
Traversin Velour Coton | Pillows
Traversin Velour Coton
Traversin Senso | Pillows
Traversin Senso
Oreiller à mémoire de Forme pour Bébé | Pillows
Oreiller à mémoire de Forme pour Bébé
Rain | Pillows
Rain Visco-Elastic Pillows
DOLPHIN : Oreiller à mémoire de forme | Pillows
Dolphin Visco-Elastic Pillows
 Coussin à mémoire de forme pour le dos | Pillows
Back Support Pillow
Oreiller microgel | Pillows
Oreiller microgel
Mulberry | Pillows
Micro Quilted | Pillows
Micro Quilted
Dophia | Pillows
Oreiller Latex | Pillows
Oreiller Latex
Anatomic Latex | Pillows
Anatomic Latex Pillow
Puffy | Pillows
Puffy Latex Pillow
Plumettes et duvets | Pillows
Neck Pillow
Strawberry | Pillows
BLUEBERRY : Oreiller en Duvet / plumettes  | Pillows
BLUEBERRY : Oreiller en Duvet / plumettes
BLUE VISCO : oreiller à particules gel frais | Pillows
BLUE VISCO : oreiller à particules gel frais

A range of high quality mattresses

Revaline owes its birth to the imagination of an entrepreneur who wanted to meet the exponential demand of products of well-being and comfort on the French market.
Indeed, for many years, colleges of physicians, physiotherapists and osteopaths have sought how to remedy problems of back pain, neck pain recurring, pathological or accidental to relieve their patients.
The answer was provided by NASA in the 60s, who invented a revolutionary material, shape memory, after extensive research, and now fallen into the public domain, has enabled our company to establish sustainable by providing supports to sleeping comfort and durability.
Developing and creating bedding and accessories very upscale Revaline has established itself as a major player in the field of mattresses and pillows shape memory.
Having set up his own distribution business throughout the French territory, we are able to satisfy customers increasingly demanding and informed on the essential criteria of quality and comfort.
With our careful control of our own production, we have the opportunity to respond to specific requests, including custom, in a relatively short time. Revaline products have already been adopted by tens of thousands of customers and their immense satisfaction, confirms us in the sustainable development of our business.
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